Friday, November 5, 2010

Calm Before the Storm?

Thursday was a fine fall afternoon here in the Inland Valley. Sunny and in the 70's, it was a great day. Once I finished up over at the SturgeUrge compound for the day, I hit the Remote Sensors to confirm another nice Fall day on the Sierra Crest.

The webcam views showed a sunny afternoon and the PWS data confirmed the Warm/Wonderful part. Mid-60's afternoon temps seem so luxurious in November. How long can it last?

I searched Reno's AFD for a little insight. They're dealing with that splitting system scenario that's so common during La Niña events, so timing and track are a little iffy. They do say the second wave for Sunday night into Monday will come in warm and cool down to Lake Level snow levels. Alas by the time snow levels drop, the moisture will have past, so there's only going to be a few inches of accumulation.

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