Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Head Scratching Time

Thursday is the Autumnal Equinox. Our Fall begins Thursday at 8:09PM PDT, and that's when the weathergeeks will begin to stir. What will this winter bring? Another "wet year"? Drought? Deluge? What about La Niña?

It's funny...I got hauled into this discussion Monday. On my way back down the hill in the wake of a weekend of enjoying the Air Racing at Reno's 47th National Championship Air Races, I swung by My Mountain to touch bases and to find out what my "stereophonic compadres" had been up to all Summer.
I talked with the Big Boss for about 45 minutes. We both started at My Mountain at about the same time in historical terms. We've seen a lot of things change, and we helped make sure the important intangibles didn't. It was a nice meeting...we both enjoyed the shared memories.

After the laundry list of maintenance and upgrades, our conversation turned to the weather and the early season snowmaking game plan. Thankfully, I can report that the wiser heads are prevailing.

We'll be taking delivery of the Compressor Farm beginning November 15th. I ventured that we'd probably be getting good snowmaking temps early, and asked: "What are we lookin' at...weekends only until Thanksgiving?" The Big Boss said: "I'd like to be open Thanksgiving...we'll play it by ear from there depending on Mother Nature" "Yeah weekends until we can really open"

I heard what I wanted to hear....and we are taking delivery of a new BisonX in mid November. My BR350 is slated to go away after this coming season...I'm going to have to get used to the new cab of the BisonX.

I said: "Thanks and see you when the snow flies", then headed over to the Vehicle Shop to see the Guys.

I was pleasantly surprised to run into All-Star Winch Pilot, who was wrenching on the snowmaking fans. We chatted about many things, and he filled me in on which hard-mounted fans were being relocated before the snow flies. We even talked about CorduroyPlanet and La Niña, and I thanked him for being a regular reader, and for his kind praise for the Blog.

In the shop, I caught up with the Guys...who got married? How's the fishing? We had a good ol' time.

Bidding the Boys adieu, I sought out my Boss, and he related his Summer Program before we got around to the weather thing.

I ventured that we'd have cold temps early, but that I have no idea when or if Mother Nature will bring us genuine precipitation. I related my reservations about the NWS Forecast Models...they were developed during the past 30 years of the warm side of the PDO...I said that La Niña years always gave the forecasters fits, and they never seem to get the precipitation right when La Niña reigns.

Everybody was fat and happy up there, though the operation was clearly running on the "Lean&Mean" side. Several folks remarked how "relaxed and happy" I seemed. Well, duh...I'd just spent three days watching the Unlimiteds race!

Best thing...honestly? Hearing the Sound Of Freedom in the Valley Of Speed...oh, and knowing the grownups have a hold of the snowmaking plan!

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