Friday, September 24, 2010

Early Snow

Beaver Creek
...right on schedule!

I saw the notice today. Ski Magazine let fly in their Twitter I was watching the Noon News' weatherman tout the "return of Summer Weather" for the beginning of the week. After the news, I clicked through to Ski Magazine's Early Snow Photos. All the action is in the Rockies and Banff-Lake Louise BC Canada. Dusting around 10K ft in Colorado, eight inches Tuesday in Banff!

The Banff photo was paired with a note that Mt. Norquay plans to open Halloween weekend!

The weather here in the Inland Valley, and in the Big Valley, and the High Sierra is warming a little Thursday, and the Big High moves in for the weekend bringing offshore winds, warming air and a chance of Red Flag Fire Warnings.

Maybe it's just my sunny disposition giving me this little attack of the giggles...perhaps (as I prefer to think) it's my highly evolved sense of irony, growing my snarky smirk.

These reactions are to the climate research I've been reading this week in the wake of my visit to My Mountain, where the first of this season's "What's in store for this Winter discussions" took place.

A little welcomed warming on the West Coast after seven months of below normal temps is the buzz of the weather reporters' world...against an under reported slew of climate papers and datasets that are all cold, cold, cold.

Just today I saw the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences' peer reviewed paper on Arctic Sea Ice Extant that concludes that current Arctic sea ice is more extensive than most of the last 9000 years!

     "A peer-reviewed paper published in the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences finds that Arctic sea ice extent at the end of the 20th century was more extensive than most of the past 9000 years. The paper also finds that Arctic sea ice extent was on a declining trend over the past 9000 years, but recovered beginning sometime over the past 1000 years and has been relatively stable and extensive since.
Although it seems like a day doesn’t go by without an alarmist headline or blog posting obsessing over the daily Arctic sea ice statistics (and never about Antarctic sea ice extent which reached a record high this year), this paleo-climate perspective takes all the wind out of alarmist sails. Satellite assessment of sea ice conditions is only available beginning in 1979 (around the time the global cooling scare ended), with only sparse data available prior to 1979. The alarmists at the NRDC fraudulently claim in a new video that due to “climate destruction,” Arctic sea ice reached the lowest in history in 2010 (actually the low since 1979 was in 2007 and 2010 was the 3rd or 4th lowest depending on the source). Probably wouldn’t bring in many donations if they mentioned the truth: the 21st century has some of the highest annual Arctic sea ice extents over the past 9000 years."

I wonder if the authors will get any time on "Sixty Minutes" or "The Weather Channel"? Big Media is the gatekeeper now for the Nanny State's "Grow Government Movement"...The Mainstream Media are "managing the narrative" now, not reporting "just the facts, Ma'm"....somehow I think you'll have to go find the paper yourselves...*Start Here*

"While I was enjoying the animated weatherfolks enjoying their jobs, I perused the Reno AFD. The forecasters promise hot days just short of last year's record highs. Could be a bit of the Ol' "Indian Summer"

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