Thursday, September 23, 2010


North Pole Webcam June 2, 2006
Time never stands still except in SciFi Movies or Physics Lessons...and then only to illustrate a point.

Fall has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and the weathergeeks are stirring. I had my first conversations about the coming Winter Monday. Tuesday the newspaper here in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area featured a story about La Niña and the coming Rainy Season.

This reminded me to scan the September 16th  90 Day Outlook from NOAA's Climate Prediction Center.

We entered Autumn riding a train of seven months of below average temperatures across the West Coast. La Niña is now in full command, because Eastern Pacific Sea Surface Temps have been plummeting since mid February.

La Niña is still gaining strength. The SSTs across the Pacific continue to fall. The Pacific is definitely cold. I read all the words...nobody's venturing a guess one way or another about rainfall/snowfall just yet.

Unknown is how the Sun's continued reluctance to come out of it's Solar Minimum slumber will influence the formation of Pacific Storm Systems. There's a lot more that meteorologists don't know about the Sun's influence on convection, cloud genesis, and storm system creation, than they do understand, or can model.

I've been doing some research this week, trying to draw a bead on the coming Winter's likely character...with nothing to show for my time other than even more questions!

Lots of new papers on Solar Activity (or lack thereof, more precisely) Polar Ice measurements, Temperature Datasets and the Urban Heat Island Effect, and more. I can say unequivocally... Climate Science is far from "settled".

Sorry Al.

I think the next decade is going to be so fascinating! So many new tools are in orbit (or will reach orbit in the coming decade), and so much computer processing power is extant now that some serious strides in Climatology will be made. It's going to be a bumpy ride...I can't hardly wait! This WeatherGeek is wide awake in Dreamland!

Just a word about today's milestone. Today's post is my 300th here at CorduroyPlanet.

This has become far more precious to me than I ever dreamed it would. Thanks must be paid to Blogger, the Google platform that I compose, publish, archive, and play on.

In the past Month or so, Google has added a feature to the Blogger Platform named "Stats".

Stats is a mini version of Google Analytics. Without being as intrusive as Analytics, it gives me near-real time, and historic snapshots of traffic to CorduroyPlanet. (Analytics is far more interested where the clicks Go to from websites)

CorduroyPlanet seems to have attracted almost two dozen regular readers...or more precisely, two dozen daily pageviews!

Most of you beautiful readers have bookmarked me (or type in CP's URL whenever you visit), and the rest find me via Twitter or Facebook.

The non-regulars find CP by searching something else on Google and Yahoo.

Searchers found me the first time when I wrote about the 30th Anniversary of the SONY Walkman...about a year ago. This week CP was found by searchers searching for "Reno Air Race Crash"

Thank you all...mostly Americans. Thanks too to you five Canadian regulars, you five South Koreans, and all the rest of you from Australia, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Botswana and China!

There's a new ski season on the horizon...I'll try and write more about grooming, groomers and the resort world. Grooming 101 will continue, and I'll strive to make more photos, too.

It's about time for a makeover at CorduroyPlanet...a new look (after Halloween), with the same old hen scratch...

So, thank you all again...I'm truly humbled...but not speechless.

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