Friday, May 7, 2010

No Rest For the Wicked

It's already Thursday...and I'm up to the Tuesday items on my To-Do List.

I began the week with several victories over things on the To-Do list, and I seemed to be on top of my BodyClock Reset Regimen...

I'm still going to bed before midnight, still waking to the alarm clock at 0600, but I've been falling back to sleep for a couple more hours of late. On the bright side, I don't even feel like taking a nap in the afternoon.

iTunes continues to do my bidding! I won that one! (good thing too...I can listen to the podcasts of the radio show I fall back to sleep on later)

So, here I am dutifully sitting by the phone awaiting the return call from Samsung Support. You'll recall my whine about spending better than an hour on the phone Tuesday, where I worked my way up to "Level Three Support" (where they still didn't have anyone authorized to grant me a return on my brand new Blu-ray player...the Level 3 Guy said I'd get a call-back from an engineer within 24-48 hours...It's 45:15 hours and counting...

Though I'm ticked off with them now, I gotta give Samsung Support some props...everyone I spoke with was helpful...and English was their first language...I didn't ask, but I'm sure I was talking to a Support Center in America.

You're earning my loyalty Samsung. A few phones ago, I had a Samsung Flip-Style phone that I first phone with a color LCD. I retired it when the second battery went belly-up and my carrier offered the new phone I coveted for That phone is a Motorola Razr V3...I'm on my third battery in three+ may be old school, but it's served me well *Knock Wood*

This monkey wrench in the cogs of my game plan has me mightily frustrated...Live and Learn my Dad used to say...

I heard the cheeseburger birds about noon today. All the snow in the yard has melted. I'm itching to get my garden going, but I've got to get down the hill to the Ancestral Digs first!

I was supposed to be there Tuesday evening...famous last words. Buoyed by my iTunes Victory, I called Samsung and here I am...45:29 and counting... Gardening is going to wait until after Fish Camp...

This is all good...if a little frustrating. Thankfully, the weather continues to warm up, the Northerly Winds have abated, and the forecast for the week of Fish Camp look less threatening every day. I hope the trout are keeping up with the weather reports!

Reno's latest AFD says slight chances for precip Monday or Tuesday, though at this time models have it going by to the North...and tomorrow is supposed to be 10F-15F warmer that today!

OK...I gave up at 47 hours and called Samsung...they told me to update the Firmware! They couldn't suggest that during the first two rounds? I waited two days! Samsung is on my shit list. I'm gonna need a vacation from my vacation...

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