Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm Back, Baby!

Here it is nine days since I last strapped on my BR350 for an All Night Flight. I'm still using my alarm clock to wake up, but I'm sleeping through the naps for the last few days either.

I'm feeling all smug tonight...with time on hand, and my newly rested brain and body, I've been catching up with some of my more vexatious tech problems.

I finally restored my iPod Touch to a tool rather than an annoying, ongoing hassle. I found a website with Old Versions of iTunes, removed the source of my misery, the troublesome iTunes 9.1.1 and replaced it with iTunes 9.0.3. After about three hours of fussing, iTunes and my iPod Touch are playin' nice together, all my Apps are behaving, and I even got back a banned "sexy" App that Apple doesn't offer anymore! ("sexy"=bikini photos)

Feeling like Maximus in the Great Arena, I next braved Samsung Support...My new Samsung Blu-ray player isn't talking to my Subwoofer...In about an hour, I made it all the way to "Level 3 Support" They did their best, but they will have an Engineer call me back in the next 24-48 hours...I just need to know where to send this faulty unit to get one that works...I did World Class Triage on this machine before I called, and it's defective...period.

I can't wait for this to be resolved, the Video from Blu-ray is nothing short of Stunning! I'll probably die and go to Heaven when the audio catches up! Oh yeah, this unit (Samsung BD-C6500) will solve my TV/Internet Connectivity lust, too...streaming HDTV, here I come!

For all my bravado today, there is a downside to ponder...I may not make it down to the Ancestral Digs before Jerry Otto's Fish Camp...oh, and the Reno NWS office is calling for a chance of snow showers about the time SturgeUrge and I get to Fish Camp! You know me, eternally optimistic, I'm sure it won't snow...but if it does, it won't put the kibosh on Fish Camp! For sure it won't dump...flurries I can enjoy (read Photo Ops!)

So, while I await Samsung's call-back, there's floors to strip and wax, the pickup is due for an oil change, and maybe I'll get in a little trout fishing at Donner Lake...I won't lie, this new Fishing License is burning a hole in my pocket!

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