Friday, January 8, 2010

Wither El Niño?

It's my Monday...err, really Sunday Night. I stayed up all night so as to keep my body's internal clock aligned with my schedule...but I did screw up by falling asleep about 11AM this morning, so getting enough sleep before my extended shift tomorrow is gonna be nearly impossible. After my shift tomorrow, Julie and I are enrolled in yet another Annual "Employee Orientation" from 0900 through Noon...that's gonna hurt, since I'm still awake at 6PM!

I spent my weekend catching up with the mountain of chores that pile up innocuously when I'm at the Ancestral Digs and only visit the Dave Cave every month or so...I spent most of Monday going through a Summer's-Worth of Mail...reading, filing, and responding to the important stuff, and shredding everything that might be trouble in an Identity Theft way! I can see a couple more square yards of my carpet now!

It's nice outside today...too nice, I surfed over to NOAA's Climate Prediction Page to look at their 90 Day Climate Prediction. Will these folks ever make a concrete prediction? I dunno... What I garnered from reading their latest is this: No Rest For The Wicked!! I still find it annoying when they make a Non-Prediction Prediction! We could be in for an extended Fair Weather Period...not what we want going forward exactly...our guests want a few inches of new snow every few days to keep the slopes sweet, and their interest on the front burner.

So, what am I to do about my pending sleep deprived shift/orientation marathon? I put a DVD in the player so I'm watching "National Treasure"...It's sure to put me to sleep before the Treasure is revealed!

I'm worked! I was back asleep even before the heist at the National Archives was over! I'm not in for nearly as much bother tomorrow as I feared!

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  1. Dave I loved how our host for the orientation would look to you for orientation type bits of trivia that you might know, and yes, you knew tons about the hill, but I loved how you said you had been at the hill for like 30 years before your first "orientation"...what's with those orientations? Last year I went to an orientation with only a few weeks left in the season, so funny! "Greener" Pasture Julie