Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get On The Bandwagon

In Friday's edition of the local paper, the page two story chronicles the creation of an Over the Snow Music Stage built by Alpine Meadows' Vehicle Maintenance Crew on a BR275 Snowcat. The wrenches removed the Stinger and the Tiller, and replaced them with a Fold-out 250 sq.ft. Stage, added some amplifiers and loudspeakers, and voilà! Rolling Rock 'n Roll Show!

The Sierra Sun has a nice Slide Show of the Bandwagon's Construction and Debut Show.

Now I've driven some amazing Shop-Built Grooming Creations over the years, but not one of them was dedicated to pure fun for fun's sake like the Party Cat!

I think it's totally appropriate that Alpine featured a Reggae Band to kick off the thing...I've always been fascinated by how well the tropical Reggae Music compliments skiing in it's alpine locale...the bubbling rhythms of reggae just plain fits skiing's innate exuberance!

Song Tip: Put Peter Tosh's song "Stepping Razor" on your iPod for your next day on the slopes and hear how well reggae illuminates a run down the mountain!

"Stepping Razor" is from Tosh's 1977 Album "Equal Rights" and is his best Studio Album, since he left Bob Marley's Wailers. It's available Remastered/Reissued now too. "Get Up, Stand Up" is nicely covered, and "Downpressor Man" is a stand out too.

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