Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Old Home Week

My favorite protege made her way "Home For The Holidays" this week. We share the love of the same tractor, and she's as gentle with the cat as I am. Long time readers will remember that I wrote about Julie here.

I always knew Julie would go on to greener pastures, but enjoying her service while it lasted was great. She reveled out loud after her first shift back at the sticks, and she'll be around for another week...good on her! I'm so grateful! For this time of year, My Mountain has been double blessed with ample squeaky snow, and eager customers bent on enjoying the first good Christmas Holiday period in at least six years! We've really had a good run, and I believe that we'll win our New Snowcat Sweepstakes!

There's nothing...I mean Not One Thing out in the Pacific to bring more snow to my mountain for the forecast-able future. Another week of nice clear weather will be a good chance for our guests to play hooky from work and come up to enjoy a Bluebird Day on the slopes.

Here at the DaveCave, I've got a real weekend...two contiguous days off, which I'm spending cleaning my garage, so I can actually park my pickup in there. Downstairs in the DaveCave proper, I'm weeding through a whole summer's worth of mail, and filing. I want to get the DaveCave cleaned up enough that a Roomba Vacuum Robot can take over my most onerous housekeeping I hate to vacuum! I think I can program the Roomba to vacuum while I'm at work! This means I won't have to wear earplugs to manually do the vacuuming anymore! All I need to do is deal with the myriad piles of stuff that burgeons everywhere whenever I'm on the road all summer!

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  1. Thanks for the nice words Dave! Who knew that so many years ago that first ride along would turn into 9 or so seasons of so much fun...sad to not be there full time though this season, and too bad I didn't have that Graveyard Gene, not much I could do about that. Love reading your posts now that I am back on the greener pasture near internet pretty much everyday, love keeping up with what's going on up on The Mountain! hope the new snow coming helps!!!