Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Times

My crew enjoyed one great shift last night! All the ingredients were on the table: New snow, cold ambient temperatures, trouble-free Grooming Fleet...even all the 2-Way Radios were working flawlessly!

The Weatherman was way off the mark, but to quibble over missing the Wind Direction, would only take away from the general good feeling spawned last night, besides the East Wind (that came despite the forecast of Mild Southerly Winds) helped to make the snow so sweet.

I even had to put on my Sunglasses for the drive home! I just doesn't get any better than this!

Well, perhaps it will get even better if the forecast for the weekend pans out.

Martin Luther King Jr is honored this weekend with a Monday Holiday, and the weather guys are saying the next round of storms will begin overnight Sunday. Two outta three days might be big, but it's also our first opportunity to guage just how strong the public's desire to ski really is this season...time will tell. I have a good feeling about Saturday and Sunday.

Monday's system will kick open the Storm Door...Big time! Weather Teasers have already been touting next week using "feet" as their buzzword. Feet would be good!

OK, I just viewed tonight's 10 o'clock News Forecast...everyone is moving the events up a day now, so now they're saying it all starts Sunday and continues for better than a week...I guess we'll "lose" the Holiday Weekend, but I expect we'll see huge crowds once the roads clear...more mid-week, more better I always say!


  1. "MY crew" seems a bit about "OUR Team" as a replacement term?