Thursday, January 14, 2010


The "Evil Plan" worked perfectly! I made it up the hill with my new laundry stack, totally missed chain controls, unloaded the pickup, parked said pickup in the garage (for the first time since May!), and managed four hours of quality sack time!

The weatherman on the 10 o'clock news says "colder in Truckee, and the next storm might wait until Monday" now, followed by a week of storms. This just keeps getting better!

I'm fully recharged by my three day weekend, topped off with plenty of real sunshine. This morning, right after I loaded the laundry machine into the pickup, I was witness to a beautiful, whole rainbow over the freshly greened East Bay Hills, with a stunning background of patchy blue sky and mottled dark gray and vivid white cloud formations...a peak experience that made a big involuntary smile on my mug.

Shout Out PS: Thanks for checkin' in Julie! Good seeing you again, have fun in Greenland!

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