Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas 2

Thank Heavens! It looks like my "Evil Plan" is working out fine! Christmas encores!

Winter has returned to My Mountain, even though I'm down in the Inland Valley visiting with my Mom at the Ancestral Digs. A little time to decompress after a dreary week of rain and freezing fog, and to take care of some chores that went undone before I started work in December.

With any luck at all, I'll be picking up a replacement Laundry Center to replace the Squirrel-Ravaged one from the DaveCave. Isn't craigslist wonderful?

As promised, I didn't waste too much time pouring over the Weather Pages during my weekend because the intel was available to the naked eye. Oh, I watched the KCRA News and watched the progress of the storms, and they inevitably lead me to the 'Net to check the webcam's all good! You should have heard the rain pound the Ancestral Digs at about 01:30 Tuesday morning!

Back to the "Evil"'s workin' like a Charm...I snuck down the hill Monday morning in time to see a little genuine sunshine before hitting the Valley Fog Deck, and early enough to miss the first little wave of rain, but late enough to avoid Sacramento's rush hour traffic. This morning, I'll procure the new-to-me craigslist laundry stack, and load the Pickup before crossing the Big Valley and heading up the hill behind the last wave of rain and snow. Threading the needle goes the old saying, I may miss chain controls if I play my cards right...and, I didn't have to wash the pickup to make it all happen. I lead a charmed life...even though I betray it sometimes like when I whine about rain on My Domain...High Ho, Ancient History now!

Now that the Storm Door has reopened, we're looking good going into Martin Luther King Jr Weekend. A cursory scan of the Reno AFD shows snow for Sunday, but the way things have been going so far this season, I don't think the snow will put the Total Kibosh on the Holiday Weekend. Hmm, I'd say the glass is Half Full again...cheers!

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