Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunny Outlook

I'm an optimist, I always have been. The glass is always half full in my world. Don't go thinking that I'm just a soft, Pollyanna-Type...I'm not. I prefer to expect the worst of my fellow humans, so as not to be constantly disappointed by typical human foibles and follies. When people stumble into good behavior-land, I'm rewarded every time...psychically speaking.

With the news of the impending storm coming to NorCal, and the opening of Boreal Ridge Ski Resort this week, my friends and family are all checking in to see if I've checked out of the Ancestral Digs, and gone back up the hill to begin my season on My Mountain. I direct them to Boreal's website so they can see for themselves what "Ski Season" in October looks like. Boreal's Mountain Cam shows them reality in all it's ManMade Glory.

I disabuse them of any fantasy that My Mountain will open following the much ballyhoo-ed "Pattern Change" that the TV Stations have named the approaching storm...I tell them: The Reno NWS says there'll be 3-5 inches of rain at the Pass Level, and that it will surely wreak havoc on Boreal's ManMade Patches Playland...we're still on for Thanksgiving.

When the Jet Stream winds that will bring the Super Typhoon's Remnants to the Sierra Crest blow across the ridge tops at 100 mph, then proceed to blow over miles of fences at 45mph in Reno Tuesday, Ski Season will be a distant concept once again. Pictures of wind damage looking for all the World like scenes from "Tornado Alley" make better Live TV Remotes than just another Die Hard/Early Bird Snowboarder wearing goggles and a goofy hat, gushing in some Neo-Text-Language.

Timing is everything they say. This storm is perfectly timed to help bored Bay Area TV Meteorologists get excited for the first time since Spring. Those of us who work on the Mountain will take it in stride, answer questions from distant friends and relations, and keep getting the off- season life wrapped up for when the season really gets started.

In other news, SturgeUrge and I couldn't have timed our trip any better than we did on Friday. Early arrival of dense fog caused the Blue Angels to cancel Saturday's Fleet Week Performance after just two passes by the throngs assembled along San Francisco's Waterfront. Today I tuned in to KSFO to hear that today's show will go on, but it's going to be a Horizontal Show Only, due to the overcast hanging over the Bay.

So there's my reward for planning on seeing the Blue Angels practice while halibut fishing on Friday. Looking westward into the sky Friday afternoon warmed my face, though the brisk wind didn't let me feel the Sun until I was off the water remembering that I only applied SPF30 once Friday. The Navy's Blue Angels always warm my patriotic Heart, and I was warmed again Saturday when I heard of the cancellation. I feel an illicit amount of satisfaction when I out-think, or out-plan the Masses.

That's the same feeling I get on those Sunday mornings during Storm Periods when I'm heading home from my week, tired but satisfied, and the thousands of weekenders are backed up at the onramps to the Westbound Interstate, where chain controls and a slow grind over the Summit stand between them and home. I'm just a minute from home. Ahead of me are a hot shower, a Hot Toddy, and my weekend.

I'm smiling that smile, and feeling good all over just thinking about it!

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