Saturday, October 17, 2009

Late Hurricane?

I don't believe it! This morning I hear the words "Hurricane Rick"...255 miles Southwest of Acapulco!... What?

I logged on and saw a very organized, big hurricane! Currently weighing in as a Category 4, Rick is forecast to make landfall on the Baja peninsula sometime Thursday, as a Category 1. Landfall is forecast to hit the "Bisbee's Black & Blue Marlin Tournament"...the World's Richest Billfish Tournament. Talk about Bad Timing! Well, not if you're a Billfish!

Checking the latest Fishing Report from San Jose del Cabo, I see the water temperature is still in the 80's, so Rick will stay pumped-up...Hurricane Season Officially ends November 30th...let's keep our fingers crossed for Baja!

Next I looked in on the Baja Nomads, where folks are incredulous to say the least...many who live in the hardest hit Mid-Peninsula areas are just getting their new roofs installed, thanks to Hurricane Jimena.

Turning my gaze back to California's Sierra Nevada, temperatures are still hovering well above 32F, and poor Boreal's ski patch keeps shrinking. Webcams show a beautiful Fall Day is underway at the Sierra Crest.

Here in the Inland Valley, the humidity left behind by Tuesday's Pineapple Express is finally starting to was making me pine for a Baja Trip!

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