Thursday, October 15, 2009

Straggling In

The Big Storm blew through the Inland Valley Tuesday. Wild and Woolly, with plenty of Sound and Fury, and more than a little wind. Just about everyone I know called to ask if I was still in the Bay Area, or did I go back to work on the Mountain? The power of Media is undeniable, and this event puts a fine edge on the distinction between News and Hype. Beat the drum long enough, and the message will be heard.

Imagine my surprise when KirkVallis called and asked the usual questions this morning! I gave him my nutshell-recap of events, and we chatted about other things before his phone's battery gave out. This shook me from the CorduroyPlanet weekend torpor, and I went looking to see what might be in the offing up the hill.

First I surfed the Mountain Webcams...still plenty of moisture hanging around the Summit cams, so I looked at the Remote Sensor Sites and saw the Temperature Plot for the last three days.

Since 11:30 Tuesday, the temps have been above 32F at Pass Level. Humidity hovers near 100% over the same timeframe. The webcam images show dirt again...all the new snow has melted or washed away. Without some Snowmaking Temps, Boreal will have trouble getting re-opened for Friday. They need some cold to wring the moisture from the airmass, so the Snowmakers have a shot at blowing some snow...not likely given the AFD Discussions posted this morning.

I read the two latest Discussions from Reno and Sacramento, and they're both calling for rising temperatures over the next few days. Further out, they model a Weak Cold Front scudding by to the North over the short, Typical Fall Weather again.

With Six Weeks until Thanksgiving, it's hard to say why there's so much interest in the coming Winter, or why there's so much fervor for weather news and predictions...perhaps we're weary of the News from Washington and Sacramento?

Talk about Drumbeats! This week NFL Football became Politics! It's all so tiresome! What's better than some weather to take our minds off our political skirmishes?

I should be fishing in Baja!

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