Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Springtime of My Discontent

This darn wind is starting to weigh on me. Oh, the Weatherman hints that there might be a break later in the week...fingers crossed.

The San Francisco Giants had the day off after four exciting games at Wrigley Field against the Cubs. Hard to believe I'm getting withdrawal symptoms after only twelve regular season games...

Still, the Giants have been playing exciting ball...and winning, taking three of four games...two wins by one run, and a wild back and forth hitting...wild pitching...extra innings finale.

For the four game series in Chitown, only one game was truly 'Torture'...April can still be Winter on the exposed shores of Lake Michigan, and the Giants left an 85°F AT&T Park, only to be greeted by cold drizzle, temps in the 40s,and windchills in the low 30s!

I went to that 85°F game against the Colorado Rockies...official temp at game-time was 78°F , but it was a solid 85°F in my nosebleed seat! There wasn't a puff of wind until the 8th Inning...turns out it was the only 'Fishable' day last week.

After a quick trip through the Post Office this afternoon, I ran some errands as the winds 'filled in' as they say in sailboat racing. Gale Warnings prevail all along The Coast, and the tall, still green grasses on the Inland Valley's wild hillsides looked alot like wind waves on San Francisco Bay on a mid-summer afternoon.

These winds, coupled with a day of rain have totally stripped the Ancestral Digs' beautiful wisteria of it's impressive show of blooms...there's now 'petal drifts' on the patio. I swept them into a pile, making a clean path to the BBQ, so I wouldn't track in bare feet-fulls of petals into the kitchen when I grilled some cheeseburgers for dinner.

Sorry if I'm coming off kinda whiny...especially in light of the bombing of the Boston Marathon...Bostonians could use our prayers...My angst will pass...

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