Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The All Seeing Eye Sees All

Security Cams
Yet another Big News Story that features Security Cameras.

We're told that there's several security cam videos being investigated for leads in the Boston Marathon Terror Bombing.

I watched some coverage Monday night, and viewed a fair amount of cell phone camera videos of the blast and immediate aftermath as well.

Many of these phone videos ended up on Cable News, Network News, Local News, and news and newspaper websites around the world.

The old catchphrase 'Elvis Is Everywhere' has been supplanted by 'The Hills Have Eyes', or more succinctly, "Big Brother Is Watching You'.

London swings to the beat of security cams now, it's the most surveilled city on Earth now.

Time will tell if the security cam footage actually helps to apprehend Boston's Marathon Bomber.

Authorities are asking The Public to submit any videos or photographs that may provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of the bomber or bombers.

Hopefully we can deduce that nobody was watching the security cams in 'Real Time' and saw the Bomber place the pressure cooker bombs into the finish line trash cans.

Dash Cams
The Russian Meteorite that exploded over Chelyabinsk in The Urals on February 15th went viral on the internet just minutes after the fireball exploded. Most of the early videos were made with dash cams. I'd never heard of dash cams before and I did a little searching and found out that in Russia dash cams are very popular among Russian motorists because corruption is rampant in the Post-Soviet Police Forces.

After viewing a few of the dashcam videos on YouTube, I concluded that the dash cams are necessary on Russian highways because I've never seen more crazy drivers since I went to a Demolition Derby at the County Fair! Yikes!

Mashable has a good overview of the Russian DashCam phenomenon.

PBS's NOVA did an hour on the Russian Meteorite. It aired March 27, 2013. Astronomers from  University of  Western Ontario gathered these dash cam videos, and using GPS they plotted the location of the cams and the time the event was captured, and plotted the meteorite's path. They went to their predicted impact area and found pieces of the meteorite in the snow! You can watch the episode 'Meteor Impact' online.

I found a story about the legality of dash cams in California. They're 'legal' but there's some hoops to jump through if you want to use your dash cam on Public Roads. You must display a legible sign inside AND outside the vehicle equipped with a dash cam warning that a camera may record people in and around the dash cam equipped vehicle. Privacy is taken seriously by California Lawmakers...

I find the contrast between 'The All Seeing Eyes' of the Citizens vs those of the Government, to be very filling 'Food For Thought'...and not a little chilling...

Irony is hard...

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