Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Whatta weekend!

I'm still wide awake after another exciting San Francisco Giants game...the Giants shut out the hated LA Dodgers for the second game in a row! AT&T Park was magic again...the Giants' fans are just another attraction to enjoy...

What is it with costumes and The City? I'm sure the 100 year old "Bay To Breakers" footrace wasn't always about costumes and costumed centipedes traipsing drunkenly over the storied San Francisco hills to Ocean Beach at the western end of Golden Gate Park!

This season a new force arrived at AT&T Park, "The Melkmen". They're fans of new Giants' left fielder, Melky Cabrera, who's taken Giants fans' hearts by storm. Melky got 51 hits in May! The Melkmen made their first appearance at the yard in the third week of May...with plenty of signs and attitude.

Dressed as Old-Timey Milkmen, with white long sleeve shirts and matching pleated white trousers, the Melkmen sport those 1930s style milkman hats and orange bowties. They wear Cabrera's uniform number, 53 on their breast pockets.

Over the past 5-6 weeks, the Melkmen have become "a thing" at the Park and on the TV coverage of the games. @TheMelkmen joined Twitter early on, and Giants' fans on twitter were quick to welcome them to the fold. They've been guests on the pre-game telecasts from home games and some imposters even showed up in Seattle for a Mariners-Giants game.

Tonight...a new costume made it's debut at the Park...enter The MelkMaids, two comely lasses dressed in sky blue dresses and white aprons, and orange bows on their occasion escapes The City's love of costumes.

The MelkMaids and The Melkmen on the Pre-Game Show
The Melkmen number six, alas there are only two MelkMaids...a few short of a Dairy I'd say...

Tomorrow's game is the third in the Dodgers' series. It's an afternoon game 12:45 PM PDT On the strength of the first two wins of this series, the Giants can tie the Dodgers for the lead in the National League West if they take the game for the series sweep! Go Giants!

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