Friday, April 13, 2012

More Politics

I'll keep it short's been a busy week and I'm too tired to stay up for the Craig Ferguson Show...and it couldn't be from the Giants victory in Denver this afternoon, or the Formula One Practice 1 I streamed after dinner...or the exciting extra innings victory by the Reno Aces, who tied it in the 9th with two outs, to come back in the 13th (after the Salt Lake City Bees loaded the bases with no outs in the 12th!) to end their five game losing streak.

There was some drama in the Giants/Rockies game...closer Brian Wilson turned his ankle with two outs in the ninth, and the bases loaded. He visibly lost some heat on his fastball and cutter, walked in a run before throwing 32 pitches total, and rang up the Rockies 4-2 for his first save of the 2012 season.

The just ended P2 from Shanghai, China was dry, unlike P1. No major drama, but cool temps kept the grip scarce, and the speeds down.

The big drama came from a closed door meeting. "F1's commercial rights holder held a meeting with team principals in the Shanghai paddock to talk about the Bahrain situation - with the FIA having confirmed earlier in the day that the race will be going ahead."

So F1 will race in's a guaranteed payday for the teams. This can't end well.

I found out it's not just the Bahrain Grand Prix scheduled for this weekend. The FIA is bringing GP2 to Bahrain next weekend too!

I hope they know what they're doing...Formula One is the epitome of "The 1%", and the gloss will be off the jewel should the worst happen.

Not one but two thumbs in the eye? I don't get it...

Good night...

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