Sunday, April 8, 2012

L'enfer du Nord

Paris-Roubaix, The Hell of the North, L'enfer du Nord, Queen of the Classics, The Classic Classic, runs for the 110th time today. Watch it LIVE on TV at 6AM Pacific  on NBC SportsNet (Ex-VERSUS) If you only watch one bicycle race this season, this is hands down the one to watch. Those who fancy sleeping in over watching World Class bicycle racers flail through northern France, can watch the three hour wrap-up on NBC SportsNet at 4PM PDT

The first section of pavé at the Carrefour de l'Arbre
Miles of Roman Empire Era cobblestone roads await cycling's biggest stars. I saw a Tweet Saturday morning saying the start was foggy and 4°C cold, 39°F. Bright side? The fog should keep the dust down on the pavé sections. These men earn their big paychecks!

I did a weirdly satisfying thing Friday evening...I took the temperature of some flower beds in the Ancestral Diggin's 70°F at six inches deep! Oh man, did I get excited...that's tomato-friendly soil temperature people!

Saturday morning about 11AM I probed the garden with the soil thermometer again...sigh only 50°F. I'm too far behind the calendar to start my heirloom tomatoes from seed now. Friday morning was pretty cold, but we're in for a little warming. I'm hoping another two-three weeks will warm the soil enough to go hog wild.

I'm going to deploy some "Wall-O-Water" little greenhouse things and plastic mulch to try and hurry things up a little. These work great in Truckee, doing the same duty only in late May.

Baseball Update:
My Giants lost again Saturday. Another disastrous first inning for Giants pitching...the Giants threatened to come back in the end but fell short.

After winning their first two games, the Reno Aces fell to Colorado Springs Saturday night, 5-2. This is why there's 162  regular season games in the Majors, and 144 in the Minors...

@GirlsLoveGiants remind us that four of the last five World Series Champs started their triumphal seasons with two opening losses...the one that didn't was Your 2010 San Francisco Giants.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here...the Giants and Aces will make the post-season...

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Pretty colours, verdant greens, gusty winds and, looks as if next week warmer temperatures. I like the 60's and the greens.

    Happy happy right back at ya!