Friday, April 20, 2012

Meet Bruce Lee

Ahhhh, baseball. I'm lucky to be a San Francisco Giants Dad raised me to love the Giants and 49ers, and hate the LA Dodgers and LA Rams. To this day I root against the Dodgers, but have only pity in my heart for the Rams. The poor Rams have been the St Louis Rams since 1995, but the all-knowing NFL left the Rams in the NFC Western Conference, presumably to preserve the rivalry between the Rams and Niners.

I guess they didn't ask the fans of either team for an opinion because this rivalry isn't between the teams, it's between the Cities! LA and San Francisco flat don't like each other. Niners/Rams games used to be Events...Wars even. Today they're just an annoyance. To quote Gertrude Stein: "There's no there there"

The Rams are the only team in the NFC West that are in the East...Thanks NFL...

But I digress (Someday I'll say that standing behind the lectern onstage infront of many people) Back to the Giants...

I was watching the Post Game Wrap the other night, where announcers Kruk & Kuip, Jon Miller and Dave Flemming wrap-up the game and wax poetic about the players of the game who made special contributions. In the background, the camera showed the usual post-game cloud of seagulls wheeling above the field and stands of AT&T Park.

The gulls show up like clockwork around the 7th-8th inning and fly around making a mess of things while waiting for their post game smörgåsbord of leftover garlic fries, popcorn and peanut leavins. We're talkin' hundreds of small problem...or mess...

As the broadcast crew was wrapping things up, I heard a sound and the gulls skedaddled! Krukow, not missing a beat said the distressed bird sounds scared the gulls away. 

The birds did seem to exit the field, but were still flying around just outside the park. I can't help but wonder how long before the gulls wise up and return emboldened...

Not to be outwitted by flocks of bird-brained diners, the Giants have been working on the problem. They had discussions with a falconer, but decided the price would be too high...maybe a radio controlled model airplane disguised as a hawk...

Enter Bruce Lee...a yearling red tail hawk showed up at the park and started dining on the park's pigeon population. He's a hit in the local alternative press.

The Giants are researching red tail nesting habits, planning to install the perfect nesting platform to entice Bruce Lee to make his home at the park.

This will be a nice distraction for times when I'm not fully invested in the action (or lack of) on the field.

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  1. Ust 2 be demographic rivalry. I sez, go with those that have the guts and the soul and the forte!

    As a brat, always moving, my loyalties run with those that can. That's what I love about the San Francisco Giants. They can do it and then take you there.

    Never a fan of Chavez Ravine. But, the Anaheim Angels, now that was a site to behold. Especially in the 70's against those Fuckin A's.

    Carry on.