Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bahrain: The Plot Thickens

As I expected, things aren't as rosy in Bahrain as apologists for the ruling Royals have been saying in the lead-up to Sunday's Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.

Wednesday night, a car carrying four members of the Force India F1 Team became caught in traffic stemming from an anti-government demonstration, when several Molotov Cocktails landed in their vicinity and burst into flames. No one was injured, but a couple of team members have left the Kingdom.

Tensions Rise in Bahrain after F1 Team Car Incident.

Force India Driver Nico Hulkenburg speaks about the incident.

Force India vows to race in Bahrain.

SpeedTV's Bob Varsha opines on events in Bahrain.

Several Top F1 racers are terse and tight-lipped about the potential risks of being in Bahrain.

Protesters vow to stage a large demonstration outside Bahrain International Circuit Sunday

Free Practice One runs Friday morning at 12AM PDT

More updates as events dictate. Stay tuned!

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  1. What, the immigrant slave force takes afront the rich gentiles playing in a land that even Disney might have a hard time conjuring up?

    Go play in a land that wants the sport. End of story.