Sunday, March 18, 2012

Too Much Fun!

Two! Count 'em...Two Giants games on TV today!

The Giants drubbed the Oakland As in the afternoon game, 7-2 based on a good outing by starter, Tim Lincecum.

The night game is tied 3-3 at the the final. (Spring Training games can end in a tie)

I didn't catch the 9th inning, I switched to SpeedTV for the Formula One Season Preview.

At 10:30 the Australian GP coverage began LIVE from Melbourne. A great start to what's sure to be an exciting season. The Malaysian Grand Prix next weekend will be a totally different challenge for the teams and drivers who will need the two week break before they race in China on April 15th

Spring comes Tuesday March 20th. Baseball begins it's regular season the first week of April. I wonder if our weather will get the memo?

1 comment:

  1. What freakin' MEMO? Looks like a lite dusting of snrain out there this morning.

    Don't forget to dress in layers and take the umbrellas. I had an awesome, huge, wooden handled, black umbrella back in the rainy daze. Of course, I lent it to some one and it never found its way back. It was spot on for rain coverage and windy gusts! The newer umbrellas have a sort of wind vent. Quite interesting.

    Some daffodils a dilling here. Lilacs have buds.

    Thank the landlord for cutting down the 60 foot Elm branches hanging over our house, driveway and neighbor's domicile. Winds have been on the fierce side.

    Back to Top Gear UK. Now, that show makes me belly laugh.