Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scratch Fishing

In fishing lingo, a "scratch bite" translates into "slow fishing". Golf has the "scratch golfer", whatever that means...I'm not a golfer, in fact I always say: "I've lost more friends to golf than heroin" Golf is addictive in my estimation.

Even appliance sellers have "scratch and dent" I'm still "blessed" with that scratchy throat...grrr...I woke up at six this morning and tuned in my favorite radio chuckleheads, and promptly went back to sleep. I woke at 9AM and phoned SturgeUrge to say I couldn't make it today, and went back to sleep until 1:30PM

The weather is building in Friday night, and showers are forecast for Saturday and Sunday. It won't be any trouble scratching out some recuperation time this weekend...In fact, it's less than an hour until the San Francisco Giants vs Texas Rangers game is on TV. The Giants faced off against the Rangers in the 2010 World Series, though now that we're in Spring Training's Doldrums, I don't expect their history to have any effect tonight. I find baseball very comforting...I'll be all bundled up, under the covers, too.

The game should be over before the Malaysian GP P3 streams at 10PM (Spring Training games never go extra innings, and do end in ties from time to time)

Madison Bumgarner 22, starts for the Giants against the Rangers
I've set the DVR to watch Qualifying after midnight...I should be sleeping soundly by then...

The Malaysian Grand Prix airs LIVE Sunday morning at 12:30AM on SpeedTV

IndyCar racing begins Sunday on the streets of St Petersburg, Florida

Looks like I'll have plenty of distractions to keep me in bed and outta the rain!

This afternoon I saw an interesting story in Truckee's fishwrap of record: "Crawfish Harvesting Nears for Lake Tahoe" I'm wondering how crawdads contribute to algae blooms...It seems counter-intuitive to me. Crawfish are bottom dwellers who feed on other invertebrates and all matter of dead stuff that would otherwise decay, increasing the fertilizer available to algae.

I wonder...are crawdads introduced to Lake Tahoe? Whenever we go camping and trout fishing in Sierra lakes, I always bring my crawfish traps. We usually catch a meal or two's worth, and they're especially yummy when you catch 'em yourself!

Crawfish don't appear on DFG's "California Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan" hit list. I'm gonna keep an eye out for the crawfish/algae bloom nexus...

Play Ball!

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