Saturday, March 31, 2012

Money's Worth

I figure I got about five bucks-worth from my $1 MegaMillions lottery ticket. It was a fine afternoon here in the Inland Valley. Partly sunny, I hit the local liquor emporium for the tix, avoiding any line whatsoever, drove thru TacoBell while listening to Dennis Miller on the radio, and I realized it's been a whole week since I've been out of the house.

Even the grocery store cooperated! I parked right out front and grabbed everything on my list...finding a checkout stand with no line even...I drove back to the Ancestral Digs feeling like a jewel thief who's just pulled off the perfect crime.

I grabbed a quick catnap before the ballgame, and read a lot of snark on Twitter.

I didn't win...I, and by I, I mean the lotto computer, picked only one number that didn't pay.

You know I'm a glass half full guy, so I take solace knowing that the take-home jackpot would have only been $400 Million, heck, the Federal Government blows through that size bankroll in about 25 minutes!

The rain returns Saturday, but the weatherman promises it'll be outta here by Sunday afternoon. It'll be good to keep resting up! The IndyCars ace this weekend...on a natural terrain road course. There's a bicycle racing "Spring Classic" on the tube LIVE Sunday morning, The Tour of Flanders.

Yep, Spring is bustin' out all over...

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  1. Wow! What gusts of wind we are having here on the East Side of it all!


    The new four letter word.