Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Knocked Out!

That's what this cold did this weekend. It knocked me out...Late Saturday night I played fast and loose with bedtime to watch the rain-delayed Malaysian Grand Prix (and was rewarded with a bang-up race). I went to sleep at 4AM...and slept right through IndyCar's opener from St Petersberg, FL, and the NASCAR race from SoCal.

Darn thing is, now I'm sleeping from 2AM to 2PM in round numbers...the weather isn't helping either...a new March Miracle is tryin' to get born. Sunday (or was it Monday?) it rained more than 8 inches up in Marin county. I think we got 2-3 inches in the Inland Valley from that wave, and another inch or two today. Rain Wednesday, and more for the weekend.

It's been tough being sick and trying not to infect the rest of the family. Sister K started a new job Monday, and I wanted to cook dinner so she wouldn't have to, but I didn't dare to until Tuesday. I did a baked chicken dish with rice. I announced that dinner was ready, but everyone has to serve themselves, 'cause I don't want to give you my cold...oh, and there's salad in the refrigerator...

SturgeUrge phoned and we caught up. Salmon season opens April 7th, and we haven't been crab fishing since before Thanksgiving. This week's rains should flush the crab out of the bays, and back into our evil clutches!

Looking south from Richmond berth. Click for larger view.
We're trying to get a trip to Richmond in to tour the USS Iowa, but dodging these rainstorms makes it tough to visit the battleship because it's only open Saturdays and Sundays. They're painting the Iowa now, and servicing the hull and decks before she moves south to Los Angeles Harbor.

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  1. Get your rubbers out and go PLAY!!!

    Remember the storms of '82? Boy howdy! I had just moved back from Glen Ellen to Jokeland. The little cottage I had rented was situated on the Warm Springs Creek and it melted away into the flood along with bank erosion.

    I love the time of deluge in the Bay Area. I used to listen to the captured water rush through the underground sewer system as I stumbled up College Ave to my local watering hole. I've actually witnessed the Fitzgerald made man hole covers being popped up by the captured creeks.

    Water is a powerful force, indeed. Just ask the Vermonter's.

    Had our share of the precip overnight also.

    Cup of tea, with lemon and a shot of Jack? And a Wake of the Flood album?