Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mental Health Week

My White Flag isn't bothering me as much today. The Sierra Avalanche Center warns that the Avalanche Danger is Considerable!

The rains continue unabated here at the Ancestral Digs. I've been scanning the webcams every few hours and it's raining to over 7000ft. These bands of precipitation are forecast to continue until Thursday-ish, as the Reno AFD says the snow level will rise to 7500-8000ft. With a juicy sub-tropical moisture tap, "Cold Front" is a non sequitur. Chain controls swam uphill and were lifted once the rain washed the summit clear, but not before powerlines blew down across Interstate 80 near Rainbow Road and closed the interstate for a time.

This is the big reason I fled...the Psychological Low that rain on ski hills brings. Wet enough, and long enough, it begins to become a Public Health Problem...count me out! I don't think I have the energy to deal with all the negativity that's sure to become the default atmosphere around Truckee and environs...

Down in daffodils-in-bloom-land, the rain is a much needed Blessed Event, but the Psychological Low down here isn't going to be nearly as deep or pervasive as in snow country.

@ORACLERacing cancelled shake down America's Cup AC45 racing on the Bay again today and Facebooked about it.

The San Francisco Giants are streaming their game against the Cleveland Indians from Scottsdale, Arizona...On the mend catcher, Buster Posey knocked a 6th inning homer to tie the game 2-2! Giants closer, Brian Wilson, also rehabbing last season's injuries, pitched a 1-2-3 inning with a strikeout...Springtime for the Giants is All Sunshine, All the Time so far.

I was so keen to listen to baseball today, I actually left a very interesting, technical webcast of The Flying Lap, Peter Windsor's excellent Formula One news and chat weekly. Peter's guest was Craig Scarborough, the very clever F1-Tech blogger. Sunday's Australian Grand Prix from Melbourne promises rain-induced drama, not to mention the usual Season Opening Race Drama.

After three weeks of testing in February and early March, the new cars are coming into focus. Wholesale changes to aerodynamics and exhaust gas routing have been captured on many team's race cars, and "Scarbs" covered them in detail with beautifully rendered drawings and spy photos. 

Clever aerodynamicists have reportedly resurrected the F-Duct, coupling it's actuation to the Drag Reduction System, thus leaving the driver out of the loop which is in keeping with the letter of the Sporting Regulations that scotched the F-Duct in 2010.

We can see for ourselves tonight at 10:30PM PDT when SpeedTV broadcasts F1 Practice LIVE from the Streets of Melbourne! The forecast is for "Rain all Weekend" in Melbourne, so it's bound to be extra interesting!

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  1. Psychological low is a common disease at this time of year in rural environs where it snows or where inclement weather resists the change of seasons.

    Boy Howdy! We've been two months behind on everything for about a year. Winter in March, I'll take it. Need the water after this twisted season.

    Been watching Top Gear-UK. Brilliantly riotous! Good belly laughs trash the psychological low.

    I love walking in the rain amongst the daffofils and orchards. Window watching on the slick streets of Berkeley watching the colors of the vehicle lights bounce off the grey day. Looking at the budding sycamores at Sproul Plaza. Riding through the verdant splendour to the coast to get thrashed by the ocean winds.

    Get out the umbrella and go for a stroll but don't be caught unawares by the changing weather.