Saturday, December 31, 2011


I saw the best snow of my season destroyed by madness,
melting hysterical naked,
dragging crystals through elite trails at dawn,
looking for a freezing fix...

With my apologies to Mr Ginsberg...

I'm almost reeling from the emotional beating My Mountain meted out last night, or rather Mother Nature's indifference meted out on my innocent self.  After a humbling night...tiptoeing around what's left of My Mountain, I felt like I was slinking outta there this morning at 0830...I may be taking all this a little too personally...

I grabbed a couple of things at the market and took refuge in the DaveCave.

After I steamed up a pair of Caspers Famous Hot Dogs (with everything-hold the relish) for lunch, I heard the bluster of increasing winds outside. Before long the Tweets started coming in...

@SkiNorthstar: "It's snowing in the Village at !"

@sugarbowl1939: "It's snowing! We need your help to keep it around - do your snow dance!"

@skialpine: "It's snowing ! Everyone, share your pics! "

@skihomewood: "It is at Homewood! WooooHooooo! Who's excited?"

Is this My Salvation? Probably not. Freezing temps will however, improve my world by orders of magnitude. The snow will improve everyone's mood and outlook, even if it won't be measured in feet...

To sleep, perchance to dream...

1 comment:

  1. Your job is manipulating Mother Nature's Dance. It's a tough act to follow.

    You dog! Wish I had a hot Casper with Bubby's Sauerkraut dripping from my hands and smeared all ovah my face! It's in that bite.

    Here the dawg would be enjoyed with "pink sauce" and "tater tots". Potential to improve these ecoutrements are playiing in my head. Pink sauce everywhere. Tots or some kinda fried reconstituted potatoe everywhere.