Friday, December 30, 2011

Hot To Trot


It was kind of muggy today in Truckee...too warm...too gray and too overcast...thankfully, no rain fell from the clouds. My Mountain hasn't been below freezing in three nights. I'm going to work tonight loaded with trepidation. I'll keep an eye peeled for a half-full glass...

The Reno AFD says a cold front is coming to visit Friday morning...all the TV weatherpeople have been teasing rain chances almost all week. I feel their pain...

Reno says what little moisture there is to this system will stay north of Reno and Tahoe. Rain may fall as far south as Susanville and Gerlach.

I'll be remembering The Prime no harm.

9:37AM Update:
Arrgghhhh! I won't put a gun to my temple...I won't put a gun to my temple...I won't put a gun to my temple...the wind is out of the West...still warm...

My Mountain is Totalled! Rain and fog overnight Wednesday undid twelve days of spot-on grooming...hurry Winter! Better yet....hurry freezing temps!  C'mon Arctic Oscillation....phase change...for everyone! Pleeze?

1 comment:

  1. I feel your pain.

    It's raining here. Cold then warm then cold again. Of course one can count on the grey.

    A lil dusting of snow at 6000' but mostly rain and a good one at that down here on the valley floor.