Sunday, November 13, 2011

Upside Down

The latest storm has passed without so much as a wimper...figuratively speaking. Most of the fury was spent south of NorCal. Los Angeles and Ensenada Baja got the rain, while the Inland Valley received some sprinkles, and the High Sierra was left bereft of precipitation.

What's happened in ski country is typical of November. Without storm systems moving in, Temperature Inversions have been holding sway, making snowmaking impossible.

Looking at the temperature record from the Snow Lab, it looks like no-go at Boreal for the past four nights.

Oh, it looks like it might have been cold enough overnight Wednesday, but when you factor in the Relative Humidity, there's no way the fans and guns could make anything but rain...

I looked around the Tahoe Basin's Remote Sensors, and it's just as warm at 8700ft to 9650ft. The Reno AFD says this pattern is likely to continue for a while.

I'll try to give it no mind when SturgeUrge and I return to Tomales Bay mid-week for another shot at the tasty Dungeness Crab. The Bay Area and Sacramento weatherfolks are already touting rain for the weekend. This season, that's way too far ahead to bank on.

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