Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hard Hat Time Again?

Wednesday I wrote about watching the Soyuz spacecraft launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome in the former Soviet Union satellite state, Kazakhstan. I marveled on the bravery of the cosmonauts and the American astronaut in light of the November 8 launch failure of the Phobos/Grunt Mars Probe's Zenit-2SB41 rocket which launched from the same Baikonur Cosmodrome...and that blizzard!

Today, I found a new Twitter account, @PhG_Reentry that's tweeting the orbital status of the Phobos/Grunt/Zenit-2SB41 package, which is predicted to fall out of orbit in the next week or so.

Here on the West Coast of California we're having a hard time getting our "Rainy Season" started. World-wide, it seems like it's raining space junk!

More to follow...I'm sure!

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    Snow has melted in a gray doldrum. Do I ever get to witness the celesial heaven's phenomena? That's a NADA.

    Look up in the wee hours and Venus is suppose to be looking good.