Tuesday, November 22, 2011


There was a little news on the Falling Satellite Front today. @PhG_Reentry tweeted: "Sydney rain radar "glitch" between 18:42 and 18:48 UTC coincides with track "

This wasn't the Phobos/Grunt Probe itself, just it's Zenit rocket booster's spent 1st Stage. If the "radar glitch" turns out to be Zenit's debris, I wouldn't expect any damage on the ground...the pieces would be quite tiny.

The only Sydney Radar Image I can find today.
Honestly I haven't done much digging for corroborating stories...I've been busy creating CorduroyPlanet's Flickr Page. today. I put a link to the Flickr Page in the CP Toolbox in the right-hand column of the blog. 

OK, five hours after  the glitch report, I went to the Australian Meteorology Office's website...it looks like rain...not a glitch? I dunno...More when I hear anything...

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