Friday, November 25, 2011


The best part of the Thanksgiving Feast are the leftovers...mmmm, turkey sandwiches...Can't beat 'em!

I see this morning that the usual Black Friday Hijinx are ramping up over last year's parade of Stupid Human Tricks...but Pepper Spray...inside a SoCal Wal*Mart? Sprayed 20 other "Competitive Shoppers" Really? Life imitates Reality TV? Heaven help us...

Phobos/Grunt is looking more like a leftover turkey with each orbit. Controllers were unable to contact the errant Russian probe on any passes Thursday, and no joy on Friday so far. SpaceflightNow has the story.

Assuming the worst, Phobos/Grunt will reenter Earth's atmosphere in mid-January.

Saturday NASA will launch America's latest Mars Mission, MSL. The Mars Science Laboratory rover is the most ambitious Mars Rover yet.

Yesterday between kitchen chores, I tried several times to logon to the NWS website to check the AFD, forecast and Remote Data. Not much luck as the sites were down while the IT Crew added Facebook Buttons to all the NWS Forecast Office's home pages. Facebook is chasing Google right into the Federal Government's house. I have to wonder if this is a good thing...of course Time Will Tell...

The weather forecast continues to confound me. As is becoming standard operating procedure this season, storm systems continue to fizzle out or avoid the Tahoe Sierra, or both. The AFDs from Reno and Sacramento agree on a blocking ridge and a general warming trend for the next week. Conditions have not favored snowmaking with a strong inversion regime entrenched over the Basin. Highs are forecast into the 50s going forward.

SturgeUrge and I just might sneak in another Crab Fishing Trip before the ski season gets rolling!

Hot Off The Presses 12:08PM PST:
Russia's News Agency says the ESA won't be talking to Phobos/Grunt until Monday.


  1. Me, I have been eating leftovers all week. In the form of soup and stew. Which only proves one thing, if it is unrecognizable but smells and tastes good, I'll still eat it.

    Yesterday was (and today is) a tool repair and maintenance day. Damn, I am boring. Well, at least it is not the time of year to watch paint dry.

    I was thinking about getting a can of pepper spray and going down to Best Buy and Walmart to do a little shopping.

    That or visit the few hard core folks left at "Occupy Chico" and see if adding some spice to their lives would whip up some interest.

    But noooooooo. Today is tool repair and maintenance. If I am not careful I may bore myself into a stupor and have a nice nap.

  2. The government is one big quagmire of information. Why not clutter it up a bit more with social media sites? Let gossip run rampant while people who make 50k plus a year sit at desks and no one accounts for their time on these stoopid ass sites. Crews can't put down there electronic leashes.

    It's worse than heroin@