Thursday, October 6, 2011

That Old Familiar Tune

The alarm went off at 0600...I tuned in the Armstrong&Getty Show on the radio and promptly drifted back to sleep only to wake up for real at 0830. As I began to resolve my surroundings, I began to hear that old familiar sound of tire chain shod tires whirring down the Interstate. That warm rhythmic tune is comforting to me when there's no loose links beating on fenders or suspension parts.

I tuned in the Train Wreck News and snow levels had fallen as forecast overnight. The News was preoccupied with a workplace shooting and manhunt from the Silicon Valley, so I muted the sound and got up to take a look-see.

It was barely snowing, a few flakes were floating down, but Tuesday's rain had soaked everything thoroughly, so there wasn't much accumulation yet.

I fell back into bed, pulled up the comforter and luxuriated in the first winter snow...such as it was. Around 11AM, I noticed the silence coming from the freeway and clicked on CalTrans' chain control site...chain controls lifted. I clicked on some webcams and saw about 10 inches at the base of My Mountain!

The phone rang, it was the Boss. We caught up and he said they had 11 inches of Sierra Cement at the base level. He said our new snowcat would be delivered in November, and that they wouldn't start snowmaking until November 1st. My Old Faithful BR350 is staying for one more season, too. Everything is on course for a good season, nobody quit over the Summer, and the whole crew is returning.

We're getting together in two weeks...time for a haircut I guess...

I looked at the Reno AFD. It's gonna be showers and possible thunder showers until Thursday, and then it warms up and dries out again. We still have to tally Indian Summer before Daylight Savings Time ends!

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  1. DST doesn't end until 11/6/11 this year. What's up with that noise? It's raining and gloomy but I have oil and the electric's all paid up and, and, and.

    Upper elevations had a hard frost, one might call it snowish?

    Yep, it's October.