Friday, October 7, 2011


I declare tonight to be the first winter night of the 2011/2012 season.

I woke up this morning to almost four inches of snow on the front porch of the DaveCave. The few straggler flakes soon turned to drizzle. The sky started to show some blue around the noon hour, and I got out and shoveled about 2PM.

The clouds continued to lift, and by 3PM, I had the car and the pickup swept free of snow, and the driveway cleared. I even made a dash downtown for a sack of groceries.

I caught up with the cleaning...bathroom, dishes, laundry and set about making another okra dish for dinner.

I made cornbread from scratch and sauteed pork chops with okra, roasted corn, and tomatoes. I could see some fine peach and coral color in the sky through the window behind the kitchen sink. There's a lot to like about okra. The cornbread was great too...maybe it was just that little bit sweeter because the Yankees lost!

So, now I'm all cozy in the DaveCave...all the windows are closed save for one slightly ajar for some's so quiet, and I'm so comfy under the comforter with my mountain of pillows. The 11 O'Clock News promised morning temps in the 20s, the clouds have moved on so it's gonna be frigid out.

The forecast says the storm has moved on and the warming begins in the morning. There's still the matter of Indian Summer...let's hope La Niña doesn't intervene.

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