Sunday, September 25, 2011

Without a Trace

Well, it's been more than 24 hours and NASA still doesn't know where UARS fell to Earth.

I hope they're sandbagging for National Security reasons...I'd like to believe Strategic Command when they say they're tracking 22,000 pieces of Space Junk from four inches across to the football field sized International Space Station.

NASA and USSTRATCOM, please don't turn out to be another Department of Motor Vehicles or Post Office!

Tonight everything is coming down, except yours truly who's up at the DaveCave for a short stopover.

UARS is probably at the bottom of the North Pacific a few hundred miles off the Washington/Oregon coast. The satellite was not observed by a soul when it should have been transiting between Portland and Seattle. Good deal, I didn't wanna do the math on those odds again.

The San Francisco Giants came back to Earth in Arizona Saturday night. Their big 15-2 loss in a weird game where Mike Fontenot ran into the 2nd base umpire  fielding a hit in the first inning, and the lights in Chase Field went out for about a half an hour in the 7th inning! There's your dark metaphor...mercifully the Giants' announcers didn't break into a rendition of Dandy Don Meredith's "Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over"! Just a little over six months until Opening Day 2012!

Upside news from the DaveCave...I have a DVR up and running, and the TV is still tuning all the stations, too. Good on me for hooking up the newer DVR, my alarm is set for the 0430 start of the Singapore Grand Prix coverage...but it's almost 1AM now and staying awake for much after the green flag is looking problematical...

The mercury seems to be falling, too...time to get under the covers...


  1. I found a new hobby. Selling space junk on eBay. Fred Sanford, step aside.

  2. O! 2 much fun.

    should be fun by all!

    So simple the star gazing into the heavens and all that is beyond and, here on earth.

    Make mine a simple lager. And every once and a while an incognito place 2go where one can ponder over a rum and coke.