Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Late

The return to Earth of the UARS satellite, I mean. I love these deals...multitudes of like-minded enthusiasts following braking events online. Seriously, I had way more fun than I earned tonight!

It took a while, but NASA's big UARS satellite finally found it's way back to Earth, debris is reported on the ground near Okotoks, Alberta Canada. Confirmation from NASA and USSTRATCOM is taking a while, but reportedly, there's a local reporter on the scene at the Wilmuth Farm.

It looked like touch and go for Kirkvallus for a while. I had my hands full, watching the twitter feeds, following the tracking models...all while watching the SF Giants vs the Arizona Diamondbacks. A couple of phone calls, and Kirkvallus was prepped...I don't know if he saw the pass or not. It was the last pass for sure, UARS augered in a few minutes after passing over Interstate 5 in Oregon and Washington.

Getting confirmation took me up to the replay of P2 from Singapore, where the Formula One Circus has landed for the weekend. Singapore is a pretty attractive venue, loads of modern architecture under the lights, and a tight, fast, temporary street course.

A good time as had by all, but I've got to turn in...Qualifying from Singapore takes the green flag at 0700!

Good night...I expect confirmation of the UARS impact when I wake up...I'm talking to you NASA!


  1. Part of your fun was waking me up with a heads up call.

    Groggily got my butt up and went outside...I think I was looking in the wrong direction and the trees block my NE view. I have the misfortune to have a street lamp at the intersection (probably the only one on the block in a no street light town) so, I didn't really wander too far. Should have been up on a mountain top or out at Unity Lake where it is total pitch darkness.

    Is groggily even a word?

    Missed the destruction.

  2. Groggily can be a word! My guess there was nothing to see, unless it made one more orbit. NASA is still playing Who's gotta UARS, who's gotta UARS.

    I didn't see any reports of NW sightings, so it may have splashed before it passed to your north.

    I haven't heard from KirkVallus, he was going to sit out with a Dark&Stormy and watch for the pass.

  3. Strictly speaking "Groggily" is an adverb meaning dazed or unsteady. From the noun "grog", a spirit mixed with water.

    The discussion of which makes me a bit thirsty for another gin and tonic.