Sunday, September 11, 2011


What is it with our so called Elite Media?

I'm passing the time waiting for the AT&T Tech to call about my DSL problem. I watched the Train Wreck News on TV until 10AM...then switched to FoxNews and it was wall to wall with 9/11 remembrances. Believe me, I still walk around with a heavy heart from that day, but so much "celebrating" reminds me of how far from united we've become...besides I'm up for a happy time while waiting. I don't feel the need to swim in the Maudlin Straits this weekend...or any other weekend for that manner.

I switched over to The History Channel...WTF? They were at it too! Not 9/11 stuff, but a count-down show on the Top Ten Threats to Earth! Each one graphically illustrated in vivid living color and dread.

I'm going to give up on the TV and switch to iTunes (I don't think I can trust the radio either)...KFBK's Outdoor Show should have downloaded by now!

The Modem/Router hangin' with the baking stuff. Too much lightshow for me!
He Shoots-He Scores!
The AT&T Tech was here, DSL wouldn't drop out while she was here, but she did hear static on AT&T's line. The line guys will fix it Monday, and I don't need to be here! She said I'll most likely pick up some more speed once the line is cleared up!

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