Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sneakin' One In

My DSL Saga continues. Today, I'm waiting for an AT&T Tech to visit the DaveCave to fix my DSL drop-out problem. My "Service Window" is 8AM-8PM owing to the fact that it's Saturday.

My new NETGEAR Modem/Router is doing yeoman's duty when the DSL isn't freaking out. This morning, I streamed P3 live from Monza where the Italian Grand Prix will run Sunday morning at 4:30AM PDT I watched the whole stream without a glitch at 2AM PDT. My alarm roused me at 5AM to watch Qualifying LIVE on SpeedTV...young Sebastian Vettel grabbed the pole position...his 10th in 13 races this season.

I got a phone call from an AT&T Service Tech Dispatcher in St Louis about 9AM, I explained my problem and he said the tech would call me this afternoon. There's no point to coming over if the DSL isn't dropping. These intermittent problems are the worst.

I'll just hang out... 

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