Friday, August 26, 2011

A Little Baking

No, not cookies or a cake, it's me! It feels like an oven in here this afternoon.

Down at the grocery store it was about 85°F at Truckee! This time of year, the sun stops shining directly on the southwest walls of the DaveCave around 5:30PM. I use a small fan to blow cool wind from the northern window through the place to keep things civil until I can open those southwest windows.

It could be hotter I suppose...I just read that Austin, Texas just recorded their 70th day over 100°F for this year, with another ten days forecast to top the triple-digit mark. The article said the longest 100°F+ heat wave on record is 160 days, though they didn't say when or where the record's from.

I dig the dichotomy, in the West, we've recorded seven months of below normal temps, and above normal precipitation, while in the Midwest and Southeast it's drought and heat. Mix it up there, Ma Nature! Somethin' for everybody!

Damn, it's still hot in here...the Giants booted another one, and I'm still having trouble with the new Digital Cable...I made some so-called Hawaiian comfort food, Spam Musubi...solidarity with the hot sweaty Tradewinds set as it were...I was taken in by the hype, I guess...I liked the "home-grown, grass roots nature of the dish...peasant food is always the best cuisine regardless of location...yada, yada...

Tool Making...makes us human...despite a few crows armed with twigs.
Well, I can report that Spam Musubi isn't living up to the Foodie's hype...perhaps if I had some Furikake (seaweed seasoning) to offset the Soy, Mirin and Sugar glaze...I've got one more can of Hormel's Mystery Meat to try it again...perhaps the seaweed and sesame flavors will mitigate the saltiness and sweetness enough to make the snack memorable...we'll see...

Mmmm...rice that falls off the Spam...
What musubi was, was picturesque. I like the Spam Can pressed into duty as the "Musubi Press". A little handywork with a knock-off Swiss Army Knife, and I had the sushi form. A Plexiglass Musubi Press runs $10+S&H from Amazon...I'm sure the Spam Can and a little Yankee (read Hawaiian) Ingenuity predated the formal Musubi Press by several decades of Post-War Progress...I wrapped a rectangular can with saran wrap to use as the rice tamper-downer.

In the morning I'm running into Reno for provisions...hopefully I can find a shaker of  Nori Komi Furikake! I'll be taking some photos of Lincoln highway stuff too!


  1. You're making spam whatever at o'early thirty?

    Yep it's hot everywhere at least we don't have the hurricanes like the East Coast and Mexico. Something else they are.

    Lotsa lightning activity over the past several days and a lot of spot fires. We the Pine Butterfly devastation of the forest, could see some of them make a run and burn over 250,000 acres! That would be an interesting fire storm for sure.

    Perhaps a new fan is in order? The other one is kinda spent, isn't it? I enjoy my little in the window air conditioner. Don't use it all that often but it does come in handy after a hot day in the field and when the temps soar to triple d's.

    Later on.

  2. You'd be talking about the little fan over the kitchen sink?

    There's another larger fan in the window under the front stairs.

    Together on full blast, it's like a wind tunnel in here!

    I put my Reno trip off until I can take in a Reno Aces vs Fresno Grizzlies game.

    SF Giants SS, Brandon Crawford and CF Andres Torres are w/ Fresno until Sept 1st.

    Same deal with the online tix...but less bendover pricewise!

    Reserved Lower Infield Box seat (Like Daddy-O's Candlestick Sec 10-Box 2A seats) $16+$2.50 service fee.

    Printed the ticket on the DaveCave's EPSON R280