Thursday, August 25, 2011


Not exactly...I'm back! Safely ensconced in my Fortress Of Solitude, the DaveCave.

I ran the gauntlet Wednesday...I crossed the Big Valley after lunch time...fortunately the Toyota doesn't have an Outside Thermometer to scare me! (It was 97F when I traversed Sacramento)

So..why Insomnia? Well, I'm up and the clock says: 4:16AM. Granted, I fell asleep during the Giants' game...say 7:45PM, then awoke around midnight...just in time to catch the rebroadcast of the game. How nice that Tim Lincecum and the Giants prevailed...every game counts now.

Here in Truckee, our two bit Cable TV Provider doesn't offer NBC's Universal Sports, so I'm following today's Stage 6 of the Vuelta a España via Live Update Guy on the internet. Thanks, Live Update Guy! "Evil Plan" is working...just reading about the heat and suffering in Spain is doin' the trick! Good night all!

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