Thursday, August 18, 2011

It All Comes Back To Me Now

Nostalgia gets a bad rap in my opinion. I often wonder if "The Good Old Days" were. Time heals all wounds? Doesn't the light in memories always trend towards the golden side of the spectrum? Uh, yeah...

I'll admit I've been living in the past for a few weeks...I won't admit that it's a bad thing. It's important to know where you come helps inform where you're going, and refines the means by which you arrive in your future.

I've noticed several times in the past month or six weeks that things remind me of the hours I spend in my groomer on My Mountain. A whiff of diesel smoke from a fire engine...a re-run of Shawn White's Operation X came on after bicycle racing on TV...groomers on TV, building the Flying Tomato's Secret Half Pipe in the back country near Silverton idling big rig in a parking lot...memory triggers come in all shapes, sizes, sounds and smells.

This morning @NorthstarTahoe announced via Twitter that the Flyin' Tomato himself, Shawn White is going to call Northstar-At-Tahoe home, and that a 22ft Half Pipe is on the drawing board for the 2011/2012 season.

I see a couple of tweets about a surprise 50 year snowstorm in New Zealand, fellow Planet @PlanetSki broke the story in the Ski Press. Meanwhile, so far Hurricane Season in the Atlantic and the Eastern Pacific have been quiet. Despite this week's media memeing  of "Severe Solar Storms" threatening our modern infrastructure, the Sun is still having a hard time ramping up to Cycle 24's Solar Maximum. Solar doldrums continue.

The New Zealand storms look serious...nice to see some snowcats turning their sprockets in anger! Hot days in the Big Valley and new wildfires daily around Reno say Fall is coming soon.

It's just a month 'till my reliable autumnal touchstone the Reno Championship Air Races.

The weatherman says a cooling trend is in place, but the Giants' bats heated up in Atlanta in all things, It ain't over 'till the Fat Lady sings!

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