Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Lazy Thursday So Far

My BodyClock reset project hit the rocks this morning. Again I woke up around 0300, back asleep at 0400. Alarm set for 0600, I woke up and tuned in the Armstrong & Getty Show stream...and woke up again at 0800.

Here it is almost noon, and though I made a pot of French Roast, I'm still lollygaggin' in bed watching the Giants/Mets game and surfing the web...I need to get on with it, but I've been drawn like a moth to a flame looking at pages and pages of, awful tattoos...I shudder to think how many of these inked idiots vote!

Yesterday I was seeing a lot of "May the 4th Be With You" all over the web. It didn't fire any synapses for me, so I wiki-ed it. It's a STAR WARS fact May 4th is now known by aficionados as STAR WARS Day. I mused on the GeekWorld schism between STAR WARS and Star Trek Fans, and before you know it I was gazing upon Geek Tattoos...then the truly awful ink.

It seem both camps are represented in the Awful Tattoo Hall of Shame...witness these unfortunate "works of art":

I'm thinking of the evergreen punchline should she "Live Long and Prosper"
The artist missed capturing the lead characters by a parsec or two, I'd say!
I've got nothing against body art per se, but the misspellings people! I never thought I'd read this either: "Owls are the new penis". WTF?

Ladies, please sleep twice on your decision to have a Chest Piece takes quite the special artist to improve on God's Handiwork.

It was so much easier to piss your parents off when I was a teenager back in the 60's...just avoid the barber shop and skip a few baths a week...done! Now teenage rebellion leaves a mark!

Bad...Giants just went down 5-2 in the 5th. I'm seeing a lot of Giants fans at the opposing team's parks this year, fearlessly wearing the Orange & Black, and chanting Lets Go Gi-Ants Lets Go Gi-Ants.

Damn...Giants lose after loading the bases with one out in the 9th, and Buster Posey, the winning run pinch hitting with two outs...I'm gonna try and get to a game next week...

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