Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's a Wrap! Almost...

This is it. Tonight is my last shift of the 2010/2011 Season.

I've been seeing a theme develop over these past few weeks. My nights have been turning out much better than expected. I don't care to examine my expectations tonight...besides, why would I look a gift horse in the mouth?

It's been an amazing season. Plenty of snow, no personnel issues, the fleet hung together fine too. I can count the bad nights on less than ten fingers. I really endured one truly awful night (see "Well Done").

This morning over pizza, the Boss allowed that my Ol' Faithful BR350 might not be trade bait next season after all. She had 8875 hours on the Hobbs Meter when I put her to bed this AM. She's been practically trouble-free all season, and she's still running like a Thoroughbred at the Derby. Word is we'll be getting another Bison next season

Friday night's penultimate shift started badly...I woke up and looked at the clock 11:41PM! I'm supposed to be at work in nine minutes...I phoned Jeweler, confessed my sin, and said: "I'll be there in an hour". "No worries" Jeweler replied. 55 minutes later I punched in and trundled up the hill to check out Ol' Faithful and warm her up.

As forecast, the East Wind blew all day Friday, and as I predicted, the piste had dried nicely. Climbing was better than good. The list manageable. Not exactly Hero Snow, but sparse crowds left no serious bumps, and the corduroy was laying out nicely.

I didn't take a power nap needed...I don't remember turning the alarm off...oh well...I got my big projects done in time to hit the mountain top before sunrise. The Boss who came in about 2:30 was on his game, and Jeweler was doing fine too, though he sounded worried over the 2-way. I put him at ease as the sun rose and we wrapped it up in plenty of time with extras.

The Boss disappeared about the time we hit the fuel dock only to reappear at the shop with fresh outta the oven pizza pies! Happily we all chowed down on pizza and sodas (we were still on the clock, so no beer or ale) and reflected on our season...nothing but good times.

So I savored my drive home and fell asleep before noon. I woke up in time to join the Giants game in the 7th inning. After some Torture they beat the DC Nationals. MotoGP form Portugal, NHRA Drag Racing from Houston, IndyCar from Brazil, and the Tour of Romandie bicycle race Sunday will be a fitting Kick-Off to the Month of May.

May is a Big Deal in my world. May is for Mount Everest Expeditions, The Indianapolis 500, the AMGEN Tour of California bike race (which comes right through Truckee on Stage 2!), Formula One returns to Europe, and fishing season turns on!

Next week I start putting out plants in the Ancestral Diggins, and BajaBabe comes to visit...gonna be an epic few weeks!

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