Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'll Keep It Short Today

I'm hearing from all across the West today...I'm not the only one who's grousing about this damn lingering Winter...

A Facebook friend from Bozeman Montana said:"Feels like an early fall"

From a teacher friend in Grass Valley up in California's Mother Lode:
"It is 62 degrees in our house, it is raining cold outside, and I have asked Steve to build a fire...I feel so sorry for all the souls who left Friday morning to claim their camping spot up in the high country ...."

Jeweler was first out of the gate with: "Would like to know where the sun is shining??"Jeweler went on to say: "Actual snow at my house. Not very pleased"

Here at the Ancestral Digs, a light rain (or more correctly in BayAreaSpeak) a heavy drizzle set in around 5PM. My mother saw the silver lining..."it's good for everyone's gardens" I'm hoping the soil will warm soon...warm enough for zucchini, tomatoes, melons, corn and Vegetables!

Chain controls went up over Donner Summit somewhere around 5:20PM. The webcams were showing accumulated snow by then, too.

I spent most of the morning editing all the AMGEN coverage I captured on my DVRs and burning them to DVD so I'll have room for this weekend's motorsports  overload...Monaco Grand Prix for the Formula One crowd, and the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. The forecast for Indy is good, and the weather's perfect in Monte Carlo too.

The bicycle racers were talking about the Tahoe snow until the last day of the race...AMGEN Organizers have already announced the Start City for next year's AMGEN...Santa Rosa (where it snows, what...once every 40 years?!)

Uggghh...I just looked at the webcams (7:39PM)...snow is sticking down in Truckee now, 4-5 inches at Pass Level, and the 3PM Reno AFD says the cold front is stalled on a Susanville/Gerlach line so the snow will pile up until Sunday morning.

Chain controls were down to Nyack for a while, but are back up at Kingvale, and East down to Hirschdale. The webcams over the Summit show some spun-out cars east of Soda Springs, and gridlock Eastbound at Kingvale...could be that the road's closed due to spin-outs and accidents, but the news hasn't been posted online yet.

It's gonna be humid and 90°F Sunday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the rich, famous, and beautiful will need SPF30 in Monte Carlo.

Sister K caught a cold and won't be coming to town, so I'm going to forgo the homemade ice cream until another weekend...

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  1. How about gourmet cacao:)? With a swoosh of whip cream and carmel syrup? Yum.

    Yep, we could be in Joplin or Tuscaloosa or Memphis....or way across the Atlantic where they had one of the worst Monsoon, Tyhpoon seasons, ever!

    I dread getting stuck on the ashy roads. The sucking earth!

    The size of the rain drops up here on the East side of it all (wonder what the West side of OR is doing?) are g i normous! Snow up high in the mountains. Didn't rain out the local parade (consisting of a circle around the block by the firefighters and logging trucks, et al).

    There has been sand bagging of buildings and erosion of banks from the John Day River. We live in the floodplain and I am not liking it at all. But that's where the housing is located.

    I am glad to be back on terra firma and wouldn't want to be riding the high skies any time soon. It was a bumpy ride from RNO-BOI. But short, only 45 minutes. Glad I didn't have to cross the Sierras from OAK.

    I can deal with the grey, wetness by hunkering down with a big pot of spaghetti and a few movies and streaming some tv series and reviving myself from my iconic travels.