Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Curtains I Tell Ya!

Dark gray curtains of melancholy have enshrouded the DaveCave today. Not exclusively the DaveCave actually, but all of the High Sierra below about 7200ft! Sheets of rain are drenching the whole damn place!

This isn't helping...late night low clouds and drizzle over my mental health...thanks Mr Waits for the phrase...watching the Old Testament disaster unfold in Japan isn't adding sunshine to my outlook either. What next? Volcanic eruption...Oh Jeez! Thank God my radio guys were on point this morning!

You see, I'm still suffering the double whammy of physical "discomfort" and psychic exhaustion. It's tough having my pickup down, in need of my wrenching skills...dutifully catching a ride to work with another groomer, and resting up my sternum sprainage, in preparation for the new distributor R&R.

Last night I couldn't stifle a sneeze in time, and I paid the I'm super sore now.

So, here I sit, stewing and watching the local Noon News Shows...most are saying there'll be breaks in the rain this afternoon. I'll take the parts runner downtown and pick up some supplies...then I'll pull the pickup out of the garage, turn it 180° and put it back in...hopefully I can get the distributor job done this afternoon...cartilage permitting...I'm just like any other man...I'm a piss-poor patient...a plain lousy sick person...let me up...

The Reno AFD says storms all week, chain controls are up over the Summit...raindrops the size of nickles...Winter melting away like the Wicked Witch of the West...thank God L. Frank Baum's Flying Monkeys aren't out there!


  1. Perhaps, but which containment vessels?

    These reactors store their spent fuel rods in an immersion tank on top of the reactor containment vessel.

    Spent rods need cooling for years too.

    I'm surprised, I figured the Japanese were reprocessing like the Europeans do.