Thursday, March 17, 2011

Before and After

Wow, fortunes certainly have changed overnight! Sometime after I could no longer prop open my eyelids, snow levels fell and the snow piled up big time!

I woke up around 0230 and observed 4-5 inches of new snow on the front deck. I took in some 24/7 News...all the nuclear excitement in Japan seems like so much breathless hype delivered by American journalists "reporting" from 150 miles away in Tokyo. The three effected 40+ year old reactors at Fukushima Daiichi are toast for sure, but this mess is a far cry from Chernobyl!

I'm reminded of Three Mile Island in the way all the "reporting" was just a storm of speculation in lieu of facts...lots of hand wringing, and not much investigating. Granted, you don't do "60 Minutes Ambush-Style" interviews of a nuclear power plant in distress. Once these things scram and experience an "incident" everything must be done remotely. There's no place for a reporter and cameraman to barge into with lights and mics blazing...out of sight by necessity, not easy, not ideal, and ripe for speculation.

Since Three Mile Island in 1979, media availability has multiplied a thousandfold. Unfortunately, media malpractice enjoys similar inflation numbers.
At 0600 I saw a Facebook post from a friend in Grass Valley:
"Wowee Zowie!!! The creek on our property, DRY CREEK, sure isn't dry this's a roaring river!!!! I'll bet we have next years firewood trees down by the end of the day"

An hour later I was watching The Trainwreck News. They had a remote truck at Dry Creek, way downstream in the Big Valley, where Dry Creek is just five feet below flood stage. Up in Grass Valley, my friend's place received 3-4 inches of rain overnight.

And after shoveling almost a foot of Sierra Cement!
Reservoir releases have been stepped up to make room for the deluge.

Good Noon News
Dry Creek has crested now that it's clearing over the Valley. The snow has stopped for now in Truckee


  1. There's a simple solution, TURN OFF THE IDIOT BOX!

    NO NUKES IS GOOD NUKES! Perhaps someone should have paid attention to the peace nik, waffle stomping, granola munching people of the 60's? Just think how far ahead of the game we'd bee on energy reform in this country.

    But, KNOW, we cow tow to corporate, centralized power companies that don't have the good of the people as a priority. GREED & POWER seen to go hand and hand.

    Decentralizing energy resources and using local resources to power up a community is more efficient and cost effective and get this, pose less of a threat in volatile environments where earthquakes and volcanoes have a way with messing with the landscape.

    I find it fascinating to look at the nightime pictures of the energy hungry countries of the world. Shit, Cali gets some of it's power all the way from Canada via the Great Lakes! It is a pretty amazing power grid that has been developed in this country, I'll give you that.

    Did you know that certain things can be dated according to the Atom Bombs dropped on Japan in the 1940's? Pre nuclear war and post nuclear war depending on the fallout particles associated with the bomba.

    What a freaking legacy.

  2. You know I can't Babe!

    Infotainment is my vice...hurry MLB Opening Day!

    Even though the coverage of the Japanese Reactor Disaster is over the top, it is compelling TV...

    Beats "Jersey Shore" and "Real Housewives of Wherever" by light years!