Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Weekend Well Spent

I have the night off...our early exit from the hill Saturday morning eased my escape to the Ancestral Digs.

We celebrated Christmas at the Digs, though both Husbands were On Call, and one back in Florida for training.

We all have the crud! Chest colds all around! Ugghhh!

It was fun and cliche all rolled into one!

Take-out Chinese Dinner (Hello "A Christmas Story")

I managed to sleep through most of both NFL Playoff Games.

The tree looked great...

I got some nice photos, and it's always great to hang with the Family!

1 comment:

  1. I love and miss Chinese Food! Oh Happy happy Happy Day for you and all of your family! Ginger stat and plenty of it!

    I have shared many a memorable moment from self decoration with twinkle lights at Dave Cave Uno to free trees and the fixin's on the day after to "How many pounds of butter with the Dungees" and all the giggles and the tastes and the smells.

    Hope there is belly laughs for all and so much more.

    Thank you.