Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gettin' Up for the Work Week

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and now Wednesday, I've been livin' the Loca Vida Horizontal...getting outta bed to hit the can, make a meal or two, turn up the heat, and take a long hot shower.

I thought I'd go to Reno Tuesday to shop and get a big tankful of gas, but the body said: "Not so fast" So I put it off 'till today...when the time came. I thought better of it again...opting to stay horizontal instead.

I slept through most of my favorite Morning Radio Show. I'll just podcast The Armstrong & Getty Show anyway. I watched the Changing of the Guard from the House of Representatives, I watched a little of the Noon News, and I've been watching Anthony Bourdain and the "No Reservations" Crew bar hopping from Boston, streamed live on with even more snarkyness (and no FCC speech guidelines...hello eight words you can't say on TV!)

The internet is really hopping this week for geeks and gadget freaks. CES the huge Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show went live today...most of the tech websites are streaming live from phones, televisions, computers, media streaming devices...even a big Star Wars announcement are on tap this week.

I'm still shopping for a new Flat Screen TV, but I can wait until what I want reaches the amount I'm willing to pay. I'm interested in the Internet Streaming Set Top Boxes...I only watch about a dozen channels on TV, in lieu of Ala Carte Cable (That only lives in the dreams of geeks and libertarians), a streaming video device that gets my channels is my Valhalla...this month lots of new set top boxes will debut...

On the bright side, the weather is taking a break this week! Sunny, no snow forecast, but cold. It should be a good night...I'm up for it...

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  1. Remember when television was FREE with the rabbit ears? Well, one can still get FREE TV with rabbit ears...not as many channels of course. I just wonder why so many can afford the price of telecommunications these days? I can afford it when it was $5 a month without out all the drug pushing commercials. I sure can't afford it now and won't! I am offended by the bombardment and intrusion of so many commercials on a service that I pay for. In fact PAY TV was ruled illegal in Cali umpty ump years ago. I wonder if that law is still on the books? I also don't support pay tv because I vehemently disagree with the telecom moguls that own them. What a gaggle of puks! One gets the society that one supports.