Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday's Game

Saturday my San Francisco Giants beat Philadelphia in Philadelphia to win Major League Baseball's National League Championship and the World Series berth versus the Texas Rangers!

The game was a typical Giants doubt 'till the last out. It's become known this season as "Torture" This is how the Giants got there...they've been scratching out victories this way since the beginning of July. A different hero every day...many, many one run games...all drama...all the time.

The National League Championship Series followed suit. The Giants' win 6-5 Wednesday at AT&T Park was one for the Ages! The electricity generated by that see-saw battle could power a medium sized American city!

Now I'm following a different game Sunday. I've been following the progress of the first big Winter Storm across the Big Valley and into the Foothills and the High Sierra. Here in the Inland Valley, the storm began Saturday afternoon with rain showers and blustery winds. The winds and rain are still pounding here at the Ancestral Digs...I've decided to miss the Farmer's Market, and the rest of the errands can wait for drier days too.

@CorduroyPlanet's Twitter Feed is alive this afternoon with Weather Advisories, weather news and newspaper features on the storm from the coast to Reno.

Curiosity whetted, I surfed the webcams and they tell the story...Regular Readers will remember Saturday's Boreal image:

Today's webcam image shows Sunday's storm story:

There's been a couple of Flood Advisories posted by the NWS: First one around 10AM, then an update around 1PM.

Reno's AFD has been updated often too...mostly to raise snow levels and warn of the big winds in the forecast area. Wind Advisories, High Wind Warnings are in effect all across the State. Here in the Inland Valley, the rain really started to come down at's roaring down now.

It's a great day to stay indoors...cozy and warm...following the "Game"

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